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    Constitution of Zhrlchythke

    Post  root on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:37 pm

    Constitution of the Zhrlchythke

    The Zhrlchythke may determine who is allowed to join, may create and assign ranks for it's members, may set rules to be followed by members, and may expel it's members for violation of the rules.


    Head Judge:
    The Head Judge shall be in charge of ensuring that all rules are followed. His or her rule shall be final and absolute. The primary duty of the Head Judge is to enforce the rules of this constitution, and secondarily to enforce the rules set by the Legislature. The Head Judge may appoint or remove Lesser Judges as necessary, and overturn Lesser Judges' rulings. He or she may appoint a new Head Judge if he or she has decided to retire. The Head Judge may strike down any rule or resolution in violation of this document. The Head Judge shall decide the procedures to be taken where this document is not specific enough. The Legislature may not remove the Head Judge. If the Head Judge may no longer serve, a new Head Judge may be selected by the Popular Vote Appointment procedure.

    The President posses veto power over the senate. He may veto resolutions as he or she pleases. The President's duty is to veto anything he or she thinks is terribly bad, even if it does not violate this constitution. A new appointment to the President by must be approved by the Head Judge, but the Head Judge does not appoint the President. The President may be appointed by the previous President, or the Legislature. The President may veto a resolution to appoint a new President. Should the President no longer be able to serve, popular vote may appoint a new President.

    The Founder is a permanent title. The Founder may not be expelled, and his title may not be revoked. The Founder has no other inherent authority, although he may also serve in other positions. They may be given a tie breaking vote where "no resolution" is unacceptable, such as the election of officials.

    The same authority of the Founder, but without a tie-breaking vote.

    The senators may vote to create resolutions. For the first 3 Senators, there shall be one per person. Afterwards, there shall be a Senator for every additional 5 members of the alliance. Senators are elected by Popular Vote Appointment every two months. Senators may propose a Resolution. They shall vote on it for 7 days or until a majority has voted on it. After it has passed, it is either sent to the Head Judge, or a Lesser Judge as specified by the Head Judge, who shall decide if it is constitutional, if it is it shall come into effect.


    Popular Vote Appointment:
    Popular Vote Appointment shall include all of the members of the Zhrlchythke. All members of the Zhrlchythke must be notified that a Popular Vote Appointment is taking place. Each member may vote for one person. If no person reaches over 50% of the vote, then the nominated person with the least amount of votes must assign his votes to another nominee, and this must be repeated until one person has over 50% of the votes. Every person in the Zhrlchythke is eligible to be selected by Popular Vote Appointment. If an elected nominee does not wish to serve, he or she may transfer his title to another person. This process shall last for 7 days after every member is notified by reasonable means, or until every member has voted, whichever is shorter.

    Popular Vote Anti-veto:
    Popular Vote Anti-Veto shall include all of the members of the Zhrlchythke. All members of the Zhrlchythke must be notified that a Popular Vote Anti-Veto is taking place. Each person may vote yes or no, if at least 75% of the members vote yes, a veto may be overridden.

    A person may be exiled or expelled from the alliance in accordance with a rule after this is approved by a Judge, but the Exile of a Judge must be approved by the Head Judge unless otherwise specified.

    A person that is target of a demotion or exile approved by a Lesser Judge may file an appeal by procedures specified by the Head Judge.

    With either log1.3(# of members) or 25% of members signing a petition, whichever is less, the petition may be brought to popular vote.

    A petition to change this constitution, but at least 85% of the members must vote for it.

    Overriding Law:

    The overriding laws must be followed by all resolutions passed. The overriding laws are superior to all other rules or resolutions in the Zhrlchythke.

    1. No resolution by the Judges or Senators may change the Overriding Laws.
    2. All rules and resolutions must be clear in their meaning. Unclear resolutions must be struck down by the court. All members are entitled to a complete and up-to-date list of every rule in force.
    3. No rule may be created by officials other than Senators except via a Petition, and no rule may be passed without approval of the court.
    4. No "taxes" or membership fees may be charged, including in-game taxes. Nor many any rank require payment on behalf of another, real or otherwise.
    5. A person may be demoted for inactivity, but inactivity is not a valid reason to remove any person from the Zhrlchythke.
    6. All members have a right to free discussion.
    7. The founders may amend this constitution for up to 6 months after the formation of the Zhrlchythke.

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